A Note From Restaurant Owner Jeanne Dey

 The Artisan Café is my dream business.  I worked extremely hard, starting out in the business as a cashier in a small local restaurant at 12.  I worked my way through college at UNR in a variety of restaurant positions, all the way up to Full Service Regional Restaurant Management.  

 My vision for just a cupcake shop quickly revealed the need for a wider variety of food serving a wider audience.  The coffee and breakfast menu was created, then lunch items were added along with salads and soups that have always been a family tradition.  Fast-forward to today and there’s dishes to appeal to all taste buds!  I was able to open the Artisan Café with the help of my family, close friends, my staff, and people who loved me and saw power and strength in me. 

 I work 25 hours a day 8 days a week in the café! I love it it’s my second home and pride and joy.  My very favorite items on our menu are anything that includes our house smoked tri-tip because of the time and care we take to prepare it!  It really shows in the quality and taste! I’m also a huge sucker for all the sweets! Pastries, muffins, cupcakes!!!! 

 The most challenging things I face as a business owner are often the most rewarding at the same time…being a business owner is difficult.  We are all a part of other peoples’ lives in some fashion and we never know what that will be.  Sometimes, we see the worst in people and sometimes we see the best.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to experience the full spectrum. The good, the bad, the ugly ....life’s a beautiful journey and you only get to do it once, so I’ve decided to make best of it no matter what.  My biggest accomplishment with the café is having staff that come back to help after they work at the café.  I get to see the amazing people they’ve turned into and hear about experiences they’ve had.  I’ve built amazing relationships with wonderful customers who I treasure and am so thankful for. 

 I want my customers to feel welcome, happy, and comfortable. The café is a place where you can be you…Come in, get your coffee or food or both, relax, laugh awhile, and enjoy the time you’re here!   My motto for the café would it be, “Take it easy! :) “  We strive to take care of every customer on a personal level and we genuinely care about them. “I’m here every day and so grateful for that chance to be so happy and doing something I absolutely love!”